Physical Therapy



Nursing & Medication



Psychological Service 



Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and other scientifically supported interventions are available to help participants with Anger Management, Stress Reduction, Anxiety, relief from Depression, difficult life transitions, and other life challenges. 
Family and Couples Therapy services are available where-in family members and loved ones will be included in sessions at no additional cost. 
Psychological services are performed & supervised by licensed Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, and Marriage & Family Therapists. 
Psychiatric services are available by a licensed physician or psychiatrist and will provide and oversee any needed medications to compliment Psychological services.

Professional and skilled nursing services will be provided by La Casa Center Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nurse Assistants. 

The nursing staff will supervise daily medication intake, treatments for aches and pains, and improvements of physical functioning. 

The nursing staff will be in close communication with the physical, occupational, and speech therapists as well as with psychological services and social work staff with regards to assessing the effectiveness of interventions and updating treatments as needed. 

Physical and Occupational is given by certified, licensed therapists to strengthen muscles or nerve functions, help the individual’s home environment, and train him or her for self-help for activities in daily living.